A few months ago, I was wrapping up my discipleship time with a couple athletes. I wasn’t just wrapping up a semester, but wrapping up our time altogether. I am moving next month and we had two more weeks where we would have our face to face, weekly meetings. I had finished all the content […]

A fun part about living close to DC is all the free things DC has to offer…the museums, monuments and beautiful scenery. Every year aroundĀ April, loads of people flock to the city to see the cherry blossoms. Last year, Brian was living here and I flew out for Easter, but the cherry blossoms weren’t blooming […]

Have you ever done something and later regretted it? Lately there have been a couple times the minute words left my lips, I wish I could have sucked them back in before they reached the recipients’ ears. Once when I was in the middle of saying something, I could sense my brain telling my lips […]

I’ve been wanting to post a blog about this trip, but I’ve struggled to find the words to describe what’s been going on. And some of it, I just can’t describe. I’ve never had a tour go off so unsmoothly. Yes, last year the Russian Embassy didn’t release my passport in time so I had […]

Red Flags

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I’m not sure if the term “red flags” in the context of dating is just a Christian thing or not, but I’d never really heard of it before following Christ. Yes, there were things I knew I didn’t want in a guy, but I never knew there was a term for these things. In my […]

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